Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Since Janice didn't feel like driving today, David and I picked her and Kyleigh up and took them out to breakfast. While David waited at the restaurant, Janice and I took Kyleigh to her swimming lesson. This was her last lesson until after the first of the year and she did absolutely perfect. She went right to the teacher and didn't fuss the entire time. She'd raise her arms and then "dive" into the water and "swim" to the other platform. When it came time to float on her back, she did it perfectly and counted down on her fingers while the teacher counted to ten. When she came back to us, the teacher said it was so nice not to have to "wrestle a wolverine" for a change.

After swimming lessons, we picked up David and went to Jo Ann's so that I could get some Christmas material to make some small pillows from some quilt squares donated to WOCS. We had to wait in line quite awhile to have the material cut, but Kyleigh did real good! Janice found a cross stitch picture called Let's Bounce with Pooh and his friends that Kyleigh really liked. I'm hoping to make it for Christmas, but I'm not sure whether it will be for this year or next year.

Janice called about 7:00 to tell us that Kyleigh had been trick or treating with a couple of neighbors (mommy and daddy went too) and came home with a plastic pumpkin so full of candy that she could hardly lift it. She hasn't learned to say "trick or treat" yet, but she did say "thank you". Janice carved a pumpkin using an Elmo template this year.

We only had 25 trick or treaters at our house. We normally have 140-150 so we have lots of candy left over.

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