Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekly Update - 10/2/2011

This was my week to work on Seaside Victorian and I've now completed the top half of page 1 as well as part of the bottom half.  I like that it's actually starting to look like something.

Now I'm back to charity stitching, this time for Binky SD.  So far, this attempt at a rotation seems to be working!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

My talented daughter has been busy

We gave Janice a sewing machine for her birthday--actually we gave her money and she used part of it to buy a sewing machine.  She didn't have Kyleigh this weekend, so she spent part of it sewing.  First she made the Tinkerbell pillow for Kyleigh to use for naps at preschool.

Next, she made a prototype of a green snack bag that she'll sell at the boutique next month.  The previous one she made was squared off and had velcro across the top, but I felt the velcro might make too much noise when opening or closing so she came up with this idea instead.

 Her final project was the tutu and wings that will become part of Kyleigh's butterfly costume for Halloween.  The wings still need to be painted pink and purple.