Saturday, October 3, 2009


Kyleigh woke up several times during the night: 10:15 (she managed to go back to sleep on her own), 11:45 (it took about an hour this time), 3:50 (I misread the clock and gave her milk thinking it was 4:50 which is the time she normally gets it; she went right back to sleep--in our bed). She was up for the day about 6:20. We had french toast and ham for breakfast--it was her first time for french toast and she ate most of it.

This picture was kind of an accident--she was coming toward me to get at the camera, but she was in a different pose when I clicked the button.

Look at those curls!

David was cleaning the kitchen when Kyleigh decided she needed a hug. She really needed a nap!
She had swimming lessons this morning and was fussier than usual. She did a lot of fake crying and kept saying "All Done!", but she did what the teacher told her to. She still doesn't like floating on her back, but at the end of the lesson, the teacher told her if she did a good job, she could be all done and she did an almost perfect float without a lot of fussing.

Her other grandmother met us at swimming lessons and took her home for that long overdue nap. She'll have her for the rest of the weekend. Me? I came home and took a nap, too!

After my nap, I did some stitching for the first time since Wednesday and finished this scarecrow. He's a Farm Motif from The World of Cross Stitching #120 and is for the WOCS 4th Challenge, which is squares for lap quilts for the Century Care Center in Florida.

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