Friday, October 2, 2009


I had a group physical therapy session this morning where the PTA (Physical Therapist Assistant) works with about four persons at the same time. I rode the bike and did three of the machines I've been doing, but today she also had me scoot around the gym sitting on a rolling stool and using only my "bad" leg, first forwards and then backwards. Going backwards is a lot easier than going forwards.

We then went to Barnes and Noble where David found a few magazines, I got a couple of paperbacks (Flash Forward and Extreme Measures) a Taste of Home Holiday Cookbook and Dora's Halloween Adventure for Kyleigh--she's into Dora right now. We also went grocery shopping.

Janice is at a women's retreat for our church this weekend (she's doing the audio visual stuff) and Chad had archery practice and a birthday party to attend so David and I picked Kyleigh up about 3:00.

Kyleigh's afraid of David's remote control car (because of the noise) and wouldn't go near it even when it was just sitting. David let her operate the controls, but she never really got over the fear so he hid it away. She played, mostly with her box of books and watched Nick Jr on TV. She also does a good job of "rearranging the house".

She knows the word "apple". David had an apple sitting on the arm of his chair and she pointed to it and said apple. A little while later she opened one of her books and saw an apple and said it again. I rewarded her with a couple of slices of David's apple.

She had chicken nuggets, spaghetti noodles (she finished hers and stole some of mine), mandarin oranges and chocolate ice cream for dinner and then a bath, building a tower of big legos, milk and bed. She did a really good job on her dinner and she loves the bath--I bathe her in the kitchen sink since I can't get down on my knees to do it in the tub. She wanted up and into the sink as soon as I turned the water on.

We've had problems putting her to bed in the past so I took her into our bed for awhile, talked to her about needing to go to sleep and let her fall asleep there while watching me play Bejeweled on the Palm Pilot. After she'd been asleep for a few minutes, I moved her to the portacrib (also in our room) and she never really woke up.

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