Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Exchange has been received

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I participated in the Christmas Exchange in the Shared_Crosses Yahoo Group. 

Sue let me know that she received my exchange today and sent me a very nice thank you saying she loved everything I sent and was pleased that I'd picked things specifically for her.  (Isn't that what you're supposed to do?)  I changed my mind several times, but here's what I finally sent her.

First, because this was a  Christmas Exchange, a Christmas card.  This was the free kit from Cross Stitch Crazy #170.  It came with the card stock, bow, Aida and floss, but I didn't like the floss in the kit so I exchanged it for DMC from my stash.

Second, because this was a Christmas Exchange and because she likes Valerie Pfeiffer's chickadees, I stitched this robin ornament, the free kit from the UK Cross Stitcher #258.  Again it came with pre-cut felt for the front and back, the Aida, floss and ribbon.  It's backed with white paper between the Aida and the felt so that the red doean't show through.

Since Sue collects pigs, I couldn't resist stitching her this pig from the UK Cross Stitcher #238.  It's stitched on white perforated plastic and I changed all the colors and added the french knot for the eye.  It was originally done in primary colors (yellow, green, blue, red and pink) but I liked these better.  There's a magnet on the back.
And because she collects pigs, I purchased this little guy from a crafter friend of mine.  It's a Magic Pig Wand that will remove calories from food (wave it once over the food or twice for chocolate or desserts)

And finally (no individual picture) because she loves chocolate, I sent her four Hershey's nuggets, wrapped, packaged and tied with a bow.  My daughter makes these and gave me one when I mentioned wanting to buy chocolate for Sue.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Exchange Received

I'm participating in a Christmas Exchange with the Yahoo Group, Shared_Crosses.  David mailed my exchange to ?????? this morning and I received my exchange from Karin this afternoon.  She really spoiled me.  There's a dish cloth and kleenex holder in Christmas colors, two skeins of DMC floss , a booklet titled Gentle Thoughts Book 1 (I've already found several items I'd like to stitch from it.  The book is The Quiet Little Woman which I'll definitely be reading soon. 

This is the Christmas Tuffet from The World of Cross Stitching #183.  I know the magazine because I have it and was planning to stitch one for myself, but now I don't have to.  I really like the button she used.

Last, but not least is this pinkeep of a red Angel that Karin stitched earlier this year and I remember admiring it when she posted the finish.

Thank you, Karin.  You did a great job of choosing items for me.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Janice's Wreath and a Finish

When I checked Janice's Facebook page this evening, I found this picture.

She'd purchased all of the materials at Hobby Lobby last month, but needed a metal hanger to form the frame so I gave her one of ours Saturday morning.

I've been stitching too.  Most of what I've finished recently, I can't post because it's for an exchange, but I did finish Grandma tonight. (I finished Red Riding Hood last month and the wolf is in progress.)

These are from the UK Cross Stitcher Magazine #258 and were originally supposed to be finger puppets made using waste canvas on felt.  One of the notes about the project suggested stitching them on plastic canvas and attaching a lollypop stick to the back so that's what I'm doing.

In order to make them work on plastic, I had to modify some of the stitching and a lot of the back stitching, but I think they came out pretty good. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Signs of Christmas

We went shopping today for Christmas gifts for the Giving Tree at our church as well as some other items.  Our first stop was at Walmart where we spotted a Santa Claus.  There was no line so Kyleigh went to sit on his lap and Janice took her picture.  The best part -- we got a free 5x7 photo without having to buy anything.

Another stop was at Hobby Lobby where I needed to get popsicle sticks, a frame and magnets to finish up some projects.  This display was just inside the front door and Kyleigh immediately went over to take a look.  (This photo is unposed.)