Sunday, October 25, 2009


This weekend was the second weekend of the Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum's Fall Festival and since the Angels were in New York, we decided to go. The festival is kind of like a small country fair with exhibits, a craft fair and lots of tractors. David has adopted two rope braiding machines and our family maintains and exhibits them, making the rope into jumpropes and selling them to support the Weavers Building.


David and I went down in the motorhome, leaving around 2:15 and arriving at 3:30. We were lucky enough to get the space next to some friends of ours who exhibit a restored tractor. We went to the Snack Shack for the free hot dog supper which provided large hot dogs, chips, drinks and homemade ice cream in various flavors. Afterwards, we went back to the RV and David digitized our antenna and upgraded our dish so that we'd be able to watch the ALCS on TV.


When I tried to turn on the generator to dry my hair, it wouldn't start. David did a little trouble shooting and decided to change the sparkplugs. So after breakfast, we went to AutoZone and got new sparkplugs which were installed immediately and we were good to go. Of course, the New York weather had other plans and the game was rained out.

Saturday night was the members potluck with lots of food, free rootbeer floats and a silent auction. I took a large bowl of carrot and raisin salad and came home with an empty bowl.

I used the cane for the last time today.


We were awakened early by my cellphone as Janice called to let me know they had just gotten off the freeway. They (she and Kyleigh) arrived while I was in the shower. We went to breakfast and helped David make up some jumpropes. (Kyleigh was very good at feeding the rope into the holes in the handles and throwing the completed rope packages into the storage box.) Then Janice, Kyleigh and I did some exploring. We went to the blacksmith's barn, the farmhouse and the gift shop where Kyleigh got a new toy. We also rode the hayride, a first for Kyleigh.
She had a lot of fun, sometimes sitting next to grandma and sometimes kneeling and looking out at the scenery. She waved at everyone she saw and said "hi!". Since she seemed to enjoy it so much, Janice took her through the parade.

The hayrides go at the beginning of the parade so they joined us for lunch afterwards. Afterwards, we played on the playground, rode the train, checked out the crafts, ran around the big grassy area and went back up to the Weavers Building to say "bye" to grandpa.

David and I have a favorite Chinese buffet in Vista that we decided to eat at tonight. As we were leaving we saw some friends who were getting ready to leave for a birthday celebration (Betty turned 85) and they invited us to join them--at a Chinese buffet. The one they had chosen was closed so we ended up at the one we were headed to in the first place!

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