Monday, October 5, 2009

More Stitching

Today was a relatively lazy day. We didn't do anything and didn't go anywhere except to Carl's Jr for lunch since David wanted to try the Big Carl. I did do quite a bit of stitchy related things, though.

First, I stitched two more letters:

Letter L: Ice Cream ABC - Quick & Easy Cross Stitch #141 (I used regular DMC instead of the called for Light Effects and changed the L from 211 to 210. The Aida is a light pink.)

Letter S: Baby Bear ABC - The World of Cross Stitching (I changed the color of the "S" from 809 to 954 and replaced the french knots for the eyes with cross stitches.)

Second, I chose and enlarged the charts for the final six letters.

Then I signed up for a square for Ron's quilt at Benevolent Peacemakers. Each time I stitch a letter, I look through the magazine to see if there are any other charts I would like to stitch. I found a chart called "Home is Where the Cat is" this morning, but didn't know what to stitch it for. This evening, Meg posted a request for an additional square for Ron's quilt and since he likes cats, I had a destination. Since she has all of the other squares, I'll work on this later this week and hopefully get it in the mail on Monday.

Finally, I signed up for the Binky South Dakota Yahoo Group. This is the group that will eventually get the mismatched alphabet squares as well as the EMS Babybook Animals that I stitched for WOCS.

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