Saturday, June 28, 2008

Faster than a Speeding Bullet

I finished the superman logo square this evening. I did it as called for and it will be donated to Quilts for Older Children (Q4OC) and will be sent to Love Quilts Brazil for their any child square supply. The chart was given to me by Jeneen who heads Q4OC when I didn't have any appropriate charts of my own.

Friday, June 13, 2008


My daughter updated Kyleigh's website the other night so here are a couple of pictures. She's now learned how to smile--I love the way her eyes light up, too. She'll fall asleep any time, any place. Here she is all bundled up in her carseat. Her other grandma took this picture one day when she was babysitting.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Back to Work

Janice went back to work today for the first time in almost three months. She wasn't looking forward to it, but she has a neighbor watching Kyleigh and Kyleigh was in a good mood when she dropped her off. Janice sent me this picture this afternoon. It was taken with her phone this morning while Daddy was playing with her.

This evening, I cut out the main portion of Kyleigh's John Deere dress. I still have to cut out the panties, contrast and hat. Since I'm using the next smallest size and there are five sizes, I'm marking the fabric before cutting so I can reuse the pattern for a larger size later, which means it's taking longer.

I also did some stitching on the cat in the flowers. I'm almost 1/2 done. It's working up quickly and is turning into a fun stitch.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Productive Sunday

I went to church this morning and then finished this little cutie. For some reason, the kitten reminds me of Kyleigh.
She's the top half of the Sarah Kay chart, Misbehaving from Issue 60 of the Cross Stitch Card Shop magazine. I made a couple of changes. (1) I stitched her on 14-count white Aida instead of the 16-count called for. (2) I stitched the bow in the same green colors as her apron since I didn't have (and haven't been able to find the called for DMC Satin floss). (3) There was part of a pocket showing at the bottom of the chart which I ignored and stitched in the green instead.

This square will be donated to WOCS (World of Charity Stitching) probably to be used for a little girl's quilt.

I spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry, dishes, recording receipts, and kitting up and starting my next project, a cat in flowers from the same Card Shop magazine. I also started reading Clive Cussler's Skeleton Coast and cutting out the first John Deere outfit for Kyleigh to wear to the tractor show later this month.

After dinner, I watched the bottom of the ninth inning of today's Angels game (they won!) and Star Wars Episode III, which we put into the DVR in April and stitched on the cat in flowers square. All in all, a busy and productive day.