Sunday, October 11, 2009

Preschool Visit and Letter Q

Janice and Kyleigh are usually waiting for us when we get to church on Sundays and Kyleigh usually gets a short visit with grandpa (gapa) before we go into church. This morning, Janice called and wanted to know where we were, because Kyleigh was pointing at each SUV that entered the lot and saying "gapa?" (She does recognize our car so I guess she was just anxious) Her latest "adventure" is to sit on his lap and either work the windshield wipers as she's doing in the first picture or "drive" the car as she's doing in the second.

There was an open house after church today so we took the opportunity to check out the preschool since Janice is planning to move her from the babysitter's to a preschool setting when she turns two. (She'd already made this decision, but observing her in the nursery this morning reinforced that decision.) She wouldn't be able to start at this preschool officially until September when she was 2 1/2, but they do have a summer program she could attend. Kyleigh did a lot of investigating--sitting at each table and touching the display, "stealing" one of the paint pots and moving some of the pumpkins from the shelf to the table. It's a good program ( they concentrate on learning shapes and colors and socializing in this class), but it will all depend on the cost which won't be available until January. We also visited the library where Kyleigh got to check out one of the books she'd looked at on Thursday.
We listened the Angels - Red Sox game on the way home and since the Angels were losing, I decided to wait awhile to watch the rest of the game (I didn't want to watch them lose). Just after the game ended, Bob called to share the news that the Angels had won after all, so I spent the rest of the afternoon stitching and watching the game.
Angels 3 - Red Sox 0 On to the ALCS!

I hadn't done much stitching for the past few days, but I finally managed a finish tonight.
Letter Q: Fairy ABC - Cross Stitch Crazy #120

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