Monday, September 29, 2008

Gold Medal

Janice works for a local TV station and often gets to visit with and/or get her picture taken with various celebrities. This time it was Jason Lezak and that's his Olympic Gold Medal she's holding. We were also at the Angels game the night he threw out the first pitch.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


This morning I had plans to meet Janice and Kyleigh and go shopping for a Halloween costume for Miss Kyleigh, but Janice called about 7:45 and said that she was walking to the mall to try to put Kyleigh to sleep. Kyleigh never did go to sleep, so they joined us for breakfast. The service was very slow this morning, but I had a lot of fun playing with Kyleigh while we waited.

After breakfast, we went to Downtown Disney, the Carter's store and Babies R Us. We didn't buy a costume, but I did get her some new clothes (onsies, sleepers, etc) in the 6-9 month size that she'll be in soon. We also attended the Safety Fair at Babies R Us and Janice found out that while she's strapping Kyleigh into the car seat properly, they'll have to get her a new one sooner than they expected. Oh, Kyleigh did take a short nap at Babies R Us!

The following pictures were taken in the car on the way home from shopping--the hat is new! Also, she's learned to stay still once the red light goes on until the flash goes off so the pictures you take are now the pictures you see in the viewfinder!

I started Baby Raspberry Tart and Rhubarb last night. It's for Q4OC (Quilts for Older Children)--it's a stitchalong for Love Quilts Brazil.

Utah Prairie Dogs Done

I had hoped to finish this last night, but I wasn't feeling well so I came home and took a two hour nap instead. It's from the Endangered Youngun's series from Gloria and Pat, designed by Ruth Morehead. I used a light blue Aida that I had in my stash. This is for CSFC (Cross Stitching for Charity) and will be sent to SOLAK (Stitches of Love and Kindness).

Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Tooth

When David picked me up this afternoon, we decided to take Janice and Kyleigh out to dinner, but we couldn't reach Janice on her cell phone so we headed toward her place, stopping a couple of times to see if she'd pass us. She did finally catch up with us and told us her phone was on the bed. She went to get Kyleigh and we met her a "new to us" Mexican restaurant. The food was very good and the staff were very friendly.

Kyleigh can now sit in a high chair although she uses a fabric cover that helps keep her in place. She does like to lean toward the side and tries to get her leg out of the hole and she also tried to eat the table. She was very active, smiling and talking, so you wouldn't guess that her tooth was breaking through the gum. But, I felt her gum and there was a sharp little point just a sitting there. She's been drooling like crazy and chewing on everything in sight so we kind of expected a tooth to appear, but we also expected her to get fussy!

I did some more ruminating about my neighborhood and I think now that I'll have some kind of a pond in the center with houses, stores, trees, etc. scattered around it, no longer in a block format. I did get a chance to stitch on my second prairie dog so I should have a happy dance tomorrow.

Since I haven't posted pictures for awhile, here's a couple more from the Angels game the other night. This one's my favorite:

She likes watching the game, but I'm not sure what she's reacting to.

All tired out!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Miscellaneous Stitching Stuff

Neighborhood Round Robin:
I signed up for MM&IRRs today and I've pretty much decided on the basic theme and layout. I'm going to do a Christmas/Winter Village in a 3 x 4 layout. I've found some houses, etc that I like, but I'll probably have to chart them myself. I did a rough plot today, but there's a lot more work to be done in the next three months.

September Goals:
I don't usually plan my stitching a month ahead, but I have so much going on that I need to stay focused, so here goes:

1. Finish Utah Prairie Dogs (due ASAP)
2. Finish Snoopy Card
3. Start and finish Baby Raspberry Tart and Rhubarb (due 11/1)
4. Start and finish Calico Kitten (due 11/1)
5. Stitch on Kyleigh's birth sampler

I also received my first comment today. (At least I know someone's reading my blog!) Sue wanted to know what Q4OC is. It's Quilts for Older Children and it's an MSN group that does what it's name says, but also stitches for Love Quilts Brazil and a few other charities as well. Here's the link:

Monday, September 1, 2008

I found it!

I've been looking for Just Cross Stitch Halloween issue, but it wasn't available at my usual haunts so I posted a question on one of my lists and got a great response. One person told me where they'd just purchased one and another later found another and "hid" it for me. Since I didn't have anything planned for today, other than laundry, grocery shopping and paying bills, I decided to go take a look. Also, since the store that had it wasn't that close, I stopped at three other places on the way. One of them was Michaels where I picked up some DMC I needed. Well, it took a couple of hours, but I'm now the proud owner of this magazine.

There are a couple of ornaments I'd like to stitch, specifically the Britty Kitty and the Sweetheart Tree pumpkin. I did get the laundry and grocery shopping done, but stitched instead of paying bills. Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

My current project is the Endangered Youngun's Utah Prairie Dogs for CSFC. It's over 1/2 done now and hopefully will be finished by the weekend. This is my favorite kind of stitching--small areas of each color so you don't get bored, but large enough that you're not changing color every few stitches.

My daughter also called and said she found a Halloween costume (Tinkerbell) for Kyleigh and wanted to make sure I hadn't purchased one yet since I'd promised to buy one for her. We'll probably check it out this weekend to make sure it isn't too scratchy to hold her in it.