Thursday, October 29, 2009

Change of Plans

I had planned to spend the day on the computer catching up on email, blog reading, bill paying, laundry, etc. but that didn't happen. Janice called about 10:00 and said she woke up really dizzy and nauseated and needed a ride to the doctor. The doctor said she had vertigo and to rest and not drive and he prescribed a medication to help ease the symptoms and would make her drowsy. After filling the prescription, we went back to the condo and I packed up Kyleigh and her laundry and brought her home with me so that Janice wouldn't have to worry about her.

At dinnertime David suggested going out to dinner to a nearby Mexican restaurant since he thought that would be easier than keeping track of her and cooking, too. Unfortunately we got a bit of a late start and by the end of the meal, Kyleigh was in meltdown mode since it was bedtime by then. She was introduced to chips and salsa (she loved dipping the chips in the salsa), lemon wedges (she made a face each time, but kept going back for more) and fish (which she really liked). The patriarch of the restaurant family came by and gave each of the kids in the restaurant--there were three--an early trick or treat (a Harry Potter coloring book with colored markers) which held Kyleigh's attention while waiting for dinner although most of the markers ended up on the floor.

Once we got home, we did her bath, read stories and drank milk, called mommy to say good night and went to bed in grandma's bed. Funny thing though, she'll wake up in her own bed in the morning.

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