Thursday, October 8, 2009

Busy Thursday

I drove for the first time this morning since my surgery. The doctor released me to drive after three weeks, but there hadn't been a need and I was a little nervous about having to get from the accelerator to the brake quickly. I shouldn't have worried though as I didn't have any trouble. Since the street sweeper came this morning and David needed to be available to move the RV, I decided to go get donuts for breakfast (again a first since my surgery).

I also had my six week check up with the surgeon this morning. Everything is right on schedule and he's very satisfied with my progress. He showed me the before and after xrays and said the problems I mentioned (the knee clicking and the swelling) are due to excess fluid which should go away soon. I see him again in six weeks.

After my appointment we went to lunch with a friend from work whose office is now just down the street from the hospital. While we were waiting for her, several of her coworkers came out on their way to lunch and stopped to talk for a few minutes. We just went to a sandwich shop, but the sandwiches were really good and we had some good conversation.

The first ALDS game between the Angels and the Red Sox took place tonight and David had to be there earlier than normal so he dropped me off at Janice's condo. I picked Kyleigh up from the babysitter and we played together for a couple of hours.

Here she is talking to Mommy on the phone--it's on speaker, but she stole it from me and ran and got on the horse. She loves the telephone.

In this one, she's rocking herself in Daddy's chair and watching TV, while I was getting ready to leave.
I put my purse in the back of her stroller and she immediately abandoned the chair and climbed into the stroller. We then walked down to the church which was about 1/4 mile away where I had a Social Ministries Meeting. While waiting for the meeting to start, Kyleigh did some wandering and discovered the newly remodeled library, heading straight to the little kids' books. Janice picked her up just before the meeting started and took her to McDonalds for dinner. After her bath, they came back to pick me up and drive me home. Kyleigh got very upset when I handed her to Mommy to be put in her carseat--she didn't understand that I was going too.

Angels - 1, Red Sox - 0

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