Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Productive Day

Today was a more productive day than yesterday. It started with breakfast at Mimi's. The food was fantastic, but the service was awful. From there we went to the library.

I've decided it's time to start doing more around the house so I cleaned the bathroom, washed a load of towels, swiffered the hallway and did the dishes. Not a lot, but it's a start.

This evening, we went to dinner at Marie Callendar's with Chad, Janice and Kyleigh. We like their salad bar and on Tuesday, they have my favorite soup--split pea with ham.

Kyleigh does a good job drinking from a straw, especially after grandpa cuts a couple of inches off.

She's not really trying to put the crayon in her mouth; she's stuffing it in the scroll she's holding.

She was sitting on my lap when Janice and Chad got up to leave. As Janice came toward her, she waved and said "bye bye" to her making the couple at the table next to us laugh.

I also stitched two more letters:

Letter B: Fish ABC -Crazy for Cross Stitch #85Letter P: Fairy ABC - Crazy for Cross Stitch #83 (I used regular DMC instead of the Light Effects called for for the wings and replaced the french knots for the eyes and mouth.)

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~Sue~ said...

Kyleigh is simply adorable....and your stitching is fantastic! Glad to hear you're doing better too!