Friday, December 30, 2011

PHD Stitching for 2012

Today was our last day with Kyleigh.  We didn't do much today besides watching TV, painting, cutting and taping and taking a long nap.  Janice picked her up about 4:00 and the three of us went shopping since Kyleigh was running out of pants--she's really hard on clothes.  We went to the Outlets at the Block and got her several pairs of leggings, some long sleeve shirts, a skirt and shirt combo, a nightgown and a dress.  We also got her some new earrings. 

I spent some time going through my PHD (Potential Happy Dances, also know as WIPS/UFOs) projects so that I could "plan" my stitching for 2012.  Here is what I came up with (in alphabetical order):
12 Days of Christmas - Margaret Sherry
Angelic Ornaments - Dimensions Kit (There are eight angels altogether)
Ballerina Kitten - Dimensions (No Count) Kit

Butterfly Whimsy - Dimensions Kit
Christmas at the Beach - Gold Collection Mini
Crabapples, Lemon & Berries - Borderline Towels booklet
Christmas Cutie - Cross Stitch Card Shop #81 (Cover Kit)
Denim Darlings Bib - For the Love of Cross Stitch - March, 1998

Let Freedom Ring - Sunset Kit
Majestic Eagle - Sunset Kit
Tinkerbell - Disney/Thomas Kinkade Kit
Tropical Paradise - Mill Hill Kit

I have approximately 75-80 PHDs, but these are the ones I'd like to complete this coming year.  Several of them don't have a lot of stitching left so should be completed quickly.  I plan to either work on them on the weekends or do an every other week rotation similar to what I've been doing the past few months.  

I also have the HAED, Seaside Victorian that I'd like to continue stitching, but probably won't finish and my current WIP, One in a Million (Precious Moments) if it's not completed by tomorrow night and at this point it doesn't look like it will be.

In addition, I have several charity commitments and would like to do a bunch of small Christmas ornaments.  I also have a couple more projects that will be added to the list, once some of these are completed.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Too Much Help

Kyleigh again arrived bright and early in her nightgown, but today was a different kind of day.  It started with grandpa having to move the car on the lawn just in time for the street sweeper to go by.  While it was there, he decided to wash it since it was very muddy from our trip north last week.

Kyleigh was grandpa's willing helper, but she managed to get wet when they were rinsing the car so we took a bike ride around the block hoping she'd dry off. (She rode, I walked)  The shirt dried, the jeans didn't.  Grandpa went to move the car back to the street since the sprinklers were ready to come on and Kyleigh ran out to watch him and came back even wetter, so I let her go out and play in them before I changed her. 

If you haven't guessed already, it was about 78 degrees out today--not exactly normal weather for the end of December.

After lunch we decided to deliver Christmas presents to the friend that provides our seats at the Angels' games, but first I had to wrap them.  This time the help was provided by our two cats, Pumpkin and Soxie.

They totally ripped the paper on this side of the box, but with some creative compensation, I got it done and we got the presents delivered safely.

Once we got back, grandpa decided to do some cleanup in the backyard.  He mowed the largest section of lawn and then he weeded the border between the patio and the grass.  We used to plant impatiens there, but haven't for several years.  Again, he had a willing helper.

Janice calls Kyleigh "a tomboy in princess clothing".  She always wants to wear a dress, but she's not afraid to get dirty.  Janice was a tomboy too, but never wanted to wear a dress.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another Kyleigh Day

Kyleigh arrived bright and early this morning in her nightgown and slippers.  After getting dressed, eating breakfast, watching some cartoons on TV, playing with her new Tangled game on her MobiGo and watching grandpa change the flourescent lightbulbs in the kitchen, we went to the Michaels in Buena Park to do a free make-it/take-it which involved gluing pieces of tissue paper to a palm tree or a dinosaur.  Here's Kyleigh's completed project:

Our next stop was McDonalds for lunch and then on to Barnes & Noble where we tried to resolve a problem with a Nook purchase and got a book for Kyleigh.  Resolving the problem took almost 1/2 hour and she was a good waiter so the book was a reward.  Then it was home for a nap.

Kyleigh enjoys playing Doodle Bear on the Fisher Price website.  This involves stamping various colored stamps on one of three bears and then printing or washing the bear and starting over.  We have several bears lying around our house now, all pink with pink stamps.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Kyleigh Day

Janice had to go back to work today so Kyleigh had a sleepover last night and spent the day with us.  We were really lucky that she slept until 7:45 this morning.  We had a real lazy morning and it took us til almost 10:30 to get showers and breakfast.  I received a Belgian waffle maker for Christmas so David made us waffles and scrambled eggs with ham for breakfast.

We spent the rest of the morning putting boxes in bags, playing Doodle Bear on the Fisher Price website, watching Strawberry Shortcake and generally annoying the cats. We did manage a two hour nap and then had a late lunch (peanut butter and jelly with cheese sandwich, of course).

David went to mail packages (Q4OC, Binky SD, a welcome baby present for my nephew's new daughter and the return of an eBay purchase) and birthday card and floss to Australia.  And Kyleigh and I walked to the store to get milk, bread, raspberries, broccoli, hamburger, cat food and Tinkerbell gummies for her mommy.   On the way home, she decided she needed her picture taken.

This is our next door neighbors front yard and Kyleigh has been fascinated by these statues.  I took the first picture and she came and looked at the camera (on my phone) and decided I needed to take the second one.  BTW, that's my Mickey she's holding.

She went home with mommy after dinner, but she'll be back about 7:00 tomorrow morning.  Now I'm off to stitch.  I'm working on a Precious Moments design for Q4OC.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

MS 12 Days of Christmas

I have this posted as individual finishes on my other blog but a friend asked to see the whole piece so I'm posting that here.  The fabric is 25-count potato Lugana which isn't showing well in the photo and I'm using the called for Anchor floss.  This is on my to be finished list for 2012.