Friday, October 16, 2009

Kyleigh Came to Visit

Janice dropped Kyleigh off at a restaurant at 7:40 and picked her up at our house at 4:40 so we had her all day. We ate breakfast and then since David had located the CPU chip he needed for my laptop on eBay and the company was local, we took off to find it. While he was in the store, Kyleigh and I took a walk around the strip center and when we got back to the car, she decided she was going to drive. She got in grandpa's seat and had me seatbelt her in and close the door. I got in the other side and she told me to close my door. Then she asked for my keys. She had a little trouble getting the key in the ignition, so I helped her. Her feet don't reach the pedals and we didn't start the car (although she tried to turn the key, but wasn't able to), so I wasn't worried about her taking us anywhere. (Kyleigh is only 18 months old and doesn't have a lot of language, but she's very good at communicating what she wants.)

When we got home, David installed the new CPU chip and an aquarium screen saver on my laptop. When he showed Kyleigh the aquarium, she immediately said "bubbo" pointing to the bubbles; Janice has no idea where she learned that.

We also learned that she's afraid of the vacuum cleaner because of the noise. We went to a different room to get away from it, but for some reason it decided to follow us. She did enjoy playing with the bifold doors on our closet though. She'd go into the closet and close the doors which turns out the light and then open one of the doors and laugh. I played a game with her by opening the doors myself and also went into the closet with her. We had great fun and it kept her busy for about 1/2 hour. (I'm amazed at her attention span sometimes.)

After lunch and a good nap, I had planned to take her to Michaels to replenish some of my floss and get her some stickers, but since it was 99 degrees outside, I decided to skip it. Instead, she was a very busy little girl, swiffering my hallway, and taking things from one place and moving them somewhere else. For some reason, her toys didn't hold her attention today.

She loves playing with the magnets on the refrigerator and when she couldn't reach these, she stood on the rug shampooer next to the refrigerator (I accidentally cut it off at the bottom of the picture.)
The maroon tub has a bunch of books that David picked up at a garage sale a few weeks ago. When she couldn't reach them, she climbed onto a box of Lego Quattro blocks (also from a garage sale).
When that wasn't high enough, she climbed onto the table itself.

I had also planned on taking my walk with her in the stroller, but since it was so hot, I decided to skip that too. David had bought me a "fancy" walker with a seat and basket just before my surgery thinking that I'd need a walker a lot longer than I did. At one point, I'd put Kyleigh on the walker facing me and rolled her around the house. Later, since she was getting antsy and it was almost time for Janice to show up, I sat her on the walker facing forward and took her for a walk between our two driveways (we're on a corner lot so there's one in front and one on the side.) Janice showed up while we were on the side of the house. Kyleigh waved to her, but didn't try to get off; she rode the walker back into it's storage place in the house.
After she left, we watched part of the Angels game, but it was a "baaaad" game so we watched some shows we'd recorded and just checked on it periodically. Hopefully, they'll do better tomorrow.
Angels - 0; Yankees - 1

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