Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pictures from Easter

On Easter, after the church service, which is held in the parking lot, there are two Easter egg hunts, one for kids in 1st grade and up and one for kindegarten and younger. We took Kyleigh to the second one. In this picture, she's waiting for the hunt to begin.

Wow, look at all those pretty things!

Can I get another one?

This one matches my dress!

Kyleigh picked up about 10 eggs, two at a time. When she had one for each hand, we'd assist her in putting them in her basket. Each time she picked one up, she'd shake it to see if it made noise.
She had even more fun with them when she got home. After her nap, Janice emptied the goodies and took her for another egg hunt on their lawn. She had a great time getting tangled in the basket, taking the eggs out and rolling them on the floor.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally got the pictures

I went to see Janice and Kyleigh after work today. I was right, it was really busy and I needed a pint size hug. Kyleigh has learned to give good hugs and lots of them. She's also climbing on everything and she loves opening and closing doors! I stayed and had Chinese food for dinner with Janice and Chad after Kyleigh went to bed.

While I was gone, David finally downloaded the pictures from my camera. There weren't a whole lot of really good ones, but I should be able to find a few to share. This picture is also from her first birthday party. The ride on toy is one we got at a friend's garage sale--he gave it to me because it was in such bad shape. It was filthy and in pretty poor shape, but David had a lot of fun to put it back into workable condition. He made the handles on the back. The one shown is just one of several different sizes. Kyleigh'd had the train for a while, but this was the first time we'd actually seen her play with it.

I stitched some more on the puppy with the leash. It's now about 1/3 done and is a lot of fun to stitch.

Monday, May 4, 2009

They want how much?

I went online and called to check prices at the Grand Californian for Mother's Day weekend since Janice and Chad are staying there courtesy of the Disney Vacation Club and even with my annual passholder discount the total price was $880 for two nights. I can't believe anyone would pay $383 a night to stay there--I guess there must be some other discount I don't know about! Needless to say, we won't be staying there this weekend.

I woke up kind of woozy, queasy and sweaty, but since I had a meeting scheduled, I did go into work (an hour late). Fortunately, I started to feel better, because I ended up having a second meeting scheduled for later in the afternoon. And there were several messages and quite a few emails waiting for my attention when I got back to my office at 4:45, plus the meetings provided some additional tasks. I'll definitely be busy tomorrow.

I started a new square for Q4OC. This is a dog square for the Stitcher's Challenge. It's a tan cocker spaniel type dog holding a leash in his mouth. This is the second square I've started for this, but it's going much better than the first one that I started last night. The first one was a white/ecru/tan dog in top hat and tie, but I didn't like the way the backstitching I'd done looked and I made a couple of mistakes I couldn't find. I'll cut the unused portion off and use it for a bookmark.

Here's another picture of Kyleigh's birthday party, courtesy of the same friend who gave me the cake one. She's definitely not a baby anymore!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Dance - K Garden Fairy

It's not the best picture; the bird and flower are a lot more vibrant than shown. I made three changes, one was a mistake and the other two were on purpose. The mistake was stitching an "x" instead of a french knot for the bird's eye. I also left off the border and modified the girl's face, because it looked too wierd to me.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Kyleigh Day

Although I didn't have any plans for today, that changed about 7:50 this morning when the phone rang. Janice wanted to know if I wanted to "do something". The something she had in mind was shopping.

She and Kyleigh met David and I for breakfast at a little "hole in the wall" place we like. Although Kyleigh had already eaten, that didn't stop her from helping me eat my scrambled eggs, bacon and pancake. She also half climbed across the table to reach the eggs and hashbrowns grandpa was holding out to her. We did have to caution him to not put quite so much on the fork though.

Our first stop was South Coast Plaza where we checked out all of the children's stores, but only bought a small Hello Kitty Doll that rattled. Next we went to Staples where Janice bought some manila envelopes for an archery tournament she's working on and then to Jo Ann's where she bought a birth sampler to cross stitch for her nephew who's due in June and I got a couple of small ornament kits, some pink Aida and some fat 1/4's in red and green for backing some Christmas ornaments I'm finishing for WOCS.

While we were there, a lady overheard us talking about needing Christmas fabric and told us about a local quilt shop that had some on sale. We did check out the quilt shop, but first we had lunch at Panda Express and then went to Babies R Us to pick up some diapers. Kyleigh fell asleep on the way from Babies R Us to the quilt shop and managed to sleep through going into the shop. The fabric that was on sale wasn't exactly what I was looking for, so I didn't buy any. From there we went to Penney's (the one place I wanted to go) where I picked up a couple of bras and a pair of jeans while Kyleigh finished her nap.

Our last stop was at Wendy's to pick up lunch for grandpa. Of course, Kyleigh had to help make the square hamburger round so it fit in the bun. She's such a cutie!

While we were shopping, Grandpa was checking out garage sales and came home with some Lego Quatro blocks which are four times the size of duplo for little guess who and a Department 56 North Pole Gum Drop Factory for me.

After Janice and Kyleigh left, I took a nap and then stitched some more on the K Garden Fairy.

Friday, May 1, 2009


It's Friday again! I can't believe another week is gone. And, it's May 1st and another month is gone too. This year is going too fast! Life, work, health, etc have been conspiring to keep me from blogging. I do have a bunch of pictures to post once I get them off my camera, but here's one a friend sent me from Kyleigh's first birthday doing what every one year old has to do at her party!

It's taken almost a week, but Kyleigh seems to have fully recovered from her bout with the stomach flu. She was feeling so bad that she just wanted to cuddle which she rarely does. She still needs to gain back a couple of pounds--Janice says she thinks she should put her back in the 12 months size for a couple of weeks.

I haven't stitched in about a week, but haven't done much else either. I pulled out the K Garden Fairy tonight that I've been stitching for Q4OC and ripped out the lower part of the K because I was using the wrong color. I'm almost 3/4 done, so hopefully I'll have a finish this weekend.

Q4OC also posted the newest SAL--mismatched ABC's and I've have access to A LOT of alphabets, so I'm hoping to stitch a bunch of letters.