Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Kyleigh's aunt, uncle and cousins are visiting from Oregon and Kyleigh is spending the week with them, her other aunt, her other grandma and her great grandpa at the Grand California hotel at the Disneyland Resort.

David, Janice and I met them for dinner at Big Thunder Ranch this evening.  Here, Janice was holding Jasper who will be a year old in August, but Jasper was more interested in David. 

First, he tapped on his shoulder to get his attention

Then when David appeared to be ignoring him, he got bolder and grabbed onto him.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kyleigh and her Cousin

 Kyleigh spends every other weekend with her father and Nonnie (her other grandmother).  Her great grandfather is here for the summer and her aunt Wendy and cousins are here from Oregon for a couple of weeks.

When I checked Janice's facebook page this morning, I found these pictures taken by Kyleigh's other aunt, Amber.  They were taken at a local pizza restaurant and it looks like the kids are keeping themselves entertained with a couple of tablets.  Kyleigh's cousin is named Teddy and just turned four years old last week.

Kyleigh will be spending the night at our house tonight and David will kidsit tomorrow.  I know they're planning on going out to breakfast after they take me to work and also recycling bottles, but I don't know what else. 

Kyleigh's father will be picking her up in the afternoon and she'll be spending the week at Disneyland with the rest of his family.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The 4th of July - Angels Game

I celebrated the 4th of July by sleeping in, going out to lunch, watching Stage 4 of Le Tour de France and attending the Angels game last night.  Bob always has other plans for the 4th of July so it was just Janice, Kyleigh and I.  It was a fantastic game with the Angels pulling out a win in the bottom of the ninth.  Kyleigh says it's because when one of the ushers asked her who was going to win as we headed to our seats, she said "the Angels". 

Janice bought some face paints earlier this year and she's used them quite a few timesso far.  Kyleigh had an Angels A on her left cheek and flag inside a star on her right cheek.  Here she is posing for Mommy.

Prior to the game there was a huge flag displayed on the field and the Star Spangled Banner was followed by a flyover.  I think the gentleman sitting beside me said they were F-58s.

Since David works in the Control Room, I knew the cameraman manning the high third camera.  I took Kyleigh over to introduce her before the game and he wanted to know where our seats were so he could put her on the scoreboard.  It turned out that he wouldn't be able to get a good shot because there were too many people between us and the camera, so he asked her to come back down after the second inning so she could be on the Smile Cam.  Below, they're prepping for the shot.

And here is the picture that appeared on the scoreboard.  Isn't that a pretty smile? Grandpa took the picture off the monitor inside the Control Room and I can't remove the black borders.   

After the game there were more fireworks and they were pretty good except for a glitch where the fireworks computer froze so there were no fireworks to go with two of the songs.  They were able to fix the problem and there was another amazing finale.  I'm going to the game again tonight, this time with Bob so I'll get to see the regular Friday night fireworks as well.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

3rd of July

Well, it's been a long time and a lot has happened that I've missed blogging about.  I finally realized that these are memories that won't be captured for future reminiscince.  So, I've decided to resurrect my blog and start capturing those memories again.  Whether I'll blog about the one's I've missed remains to be seen.

The 3rd of July is a celebration event in Orange held every year on July 3rd.  There are bounce houses and slides, food booths and information booths detailing city services, sponsors information, etc.  There is also a patriotic show followed by some amazing fireworks.

Janice, Kyleigh and I went this year (David had a game).  Kyleigh had a lot of fun playing in the bounce houses and slides and visiting the various booths including one where she got to create a card for a serviceman.  She drew an American flag with the pole on the wrong side, but I'm sure the person receiving it will appreciate it anyway.

In the picture below, she's hugging the new City of Orange mascot.  She could see a person through the eyes so she told us it was just a man.

They also had a ladder truck and Kyleigh decided she had to visit.  This fireman gave her a tour of the truck and let her sit in every seat and play with the headphones.  He probably spent about 15 minutes with her and she enjoyed every one of them.

Here she's talking on the headset.  Once she put it on, the other fireman in the picture put his on too so she could talk to him.

After a dinner of corn on the cob, hot dogs or hamburgers and kettle corn, we went up into the stands for the show.  I didn't realize that this was the city of Orange's 125th birthday and that was celebrated as well as the introduction of Miss Orange and the singing of patriotic songs.  One of the song medleys that I espeially enjoy is the singing of the various armed services anthems while the veterans of those branches stand.  The gentlemen sitting beside me was in the Navy and two gentlemen just behind us were in the Marines and their voices carried very well.  Of course, now Kyleigh has all kinds of questions regarding the military, wars, etc.

This was followed by the fireworks, which are some of the best around.  The finale lasted a very long time and was full of red, white and blue offerings.  The whole display was backdropped by some of the songs we'd sung earlier.