Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Stitching Recap

I completed eight projects during the month of January and also stitched on one of my WIPs. Seven of the eight projects were for charity, five for Q4OC, one for WOCS and one for SFAC. Four of the ones for Q4OC were for the mismatched alphabet SAL.

I also relegated Quaker Cat project to UFO status, at least temporarily. It was taking way too much time for a charity project and is also a boring stitch. The group I was stitching it for is changing their focus from quilts to totes so not finishing it won't create a hardship for them.

For February, I'd like to complete at least seven projects for my charity groups. Four of these are letters that won't take too much time and one is a square for Q4OC that's almost finished. That leaves two others, one for WOCS and one for Binky, SD. I'm trying to concentrate my obligation stitching in the first half of the month and leave the last half of the month for personal stitching. This worked well in January, so we'll see if I can keep it up.

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