Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bangs Cut

Kyleigh got her bangs cut this morning, but she didn't behave quite as well as she did for her first haircut. She cried and wouldn't sit in the chair so they had her sit on my lap instead. Since that didn't stop the crying they gave her a lollypop which did the trick. The stylist did a good job since Kyleigh wasn't really in the mood to sit still.

After the hair cut, we went to Michaels where I picked up a jar for my orts (the bits and pieces of floss that are left from a project), some white aida and a few colors of floss I needed. Kyleigh spotted a chart with three colorful frogs, said "frog" and reached for the chart. I decided to not buy it this time, though since I still have a Pooh chart that we bought in December to stitch for her.

After that we went to check out a toddler playground that Janice had located. There were two playgrounds side by side and for some reason Kyleigh liked the big kids playground better. She really likes going down the slide, feet first, but on her tummy.

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