Saturday, January 9, 2010

Busy Saturday

This morning Janice and I both had errands to run and since Chad had taken her car to Tulare for an archery competition, we decided to do them together.

Our first stop was breakfast. We went to IHOP since there was one in the shopping center we needed to go to. Kyleigh spent most of the breakfast saying "More chocolate" meaning that she wanted another spoonful of our hot chocolates--she'd alternate between the two of us.

After breakfast, we went to Payless Kids because Janice wanted to get her another pair of shoes, this time ones that weren't tennis shoes, but weren't really dressy either. She found some Mary Jane type canvas shoes that were sparkly silver with pink bows. Since they went well with the outfit she was wearing, she wore them out of the store.

Since Anna's Linens (Janice's next stop) wasn't open yet we went to Big Lots instead. I'd given Kyleigh the dollar we got in change at IHOP and I only had to add another 63 cents so she could buy a toy that had shapes which connected to each other with S shapes--she ended up wearing the shapes as bracelets more than playing with connecting them.

While we were at Big Lots! we found this tiara. It says "Irish Princess". Since Chad is part Irish (and loves everything Irish) we thought it was appropriate. We didn't buy it, but Janice might go back later and get it. She did a really good job of holding onto that dollar and didn't fuss when it was time to pay for the toy either.

We did go to Anna's Linens, but Janice didn't find what she was looking for. She had a $25 gift card so she'll go back later without Kyleigh to look for something else.

Next, I ordered my new glasses. Bob (my baseball buddy) has a friend that's an optometrist who accepts my insurance and is located not far from work and home so I went to his office and picked out a pair of titanium frames since I'm allergic to the metal in other frames. I can pick them up in about two weeks.

Our final stop was Main Place Mall where Janice had her hair cut in the JC Penneys styling salon and I bought some jeans and blue slacks since the ones I'd been wearing were beginning to look kind of ragged and rough. I actually ended up buying a smaller size than I was wearing, too. We also had lunch at the food court before heading home for naps.

This last picture was taken the day after Christmas when Janice's sister in law's family was visiting from Oregon. This is Kyleigh and her cousin Teddy. In the picture, Kyleigh is almost 21 months and Teddy is almost six months old.

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