Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Finish

It was back to work today for the first time since the December 23rd and it was kind of a rough day.My internet worked fine, but my email and financial system didn't want to stay connected. We also implemented a new process today and like all new processes, no matter how well you plan and test, there's always something you'll miss. Plus I had almost two weeks worth of email to read and respond to. So, it was almost 3:00 before I got to the point where I could start crossing things off my to do list.

A bright spot in the day, though was that Janice called. She and Kyleigh were going to take the trash out and she was in short sleeves and Kyleigh was in long sleeves. Janice opened the front door and decided she needed a sweater, so she told Kyleigh she was going to get her sweater and that she'd be right back and went to get her sweater out of the bedroom. When she got back to the livingroom, Kyleigh had gotten her own sweater and was trying to put it on, too.

I forgot to mention that I received the confirmation letter for my second knee replacement. The date is February 25, 2010, less than two months from now.

Today's finish is fairly small and worked up fairly quickly. It's the letter F for the Mismatched ABC's Part 2 SAL for Q4OC from The World of Cross Stitching #143 (Cookie ABC).

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