Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Little Princess

Yesterday, I went to the hospital to have the electrocardiogram and today I went back to be fitted with a holter monitor to monitor my heart activity for 24 hours. I'm also supposed to write down whenever I felt any palpitations, medications taken, etc. The monitor isn't visible except as a bulge through my clothes. It's attached to a strap that you wear like a purse so it's fairly comfortable.

We decided to go to dinner at Norm's tonight. They no longer have the specials that we've enjoyed in the past, but they have a new one: soup, salad, New York steak, shrimp and chicken strips, and a hot fudge brownie for $9.99. I brought home part of my steak and baked potato and David brought home the chicken strips so we'll have a couple of more meals available.

I finished stitching "Little Princess" for Q4OC tonight. It's for a little girl named Kaelyn that has cancer and likes princesses. I changed the hair color from 742 to 434 since Kaelyn's a brunette. It's from Cross Stitch Crazy #121, part of their Crazy Kids section and meant to be finished as a door hanger.

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