Friday, January 29, 2010

Doctor's Visit

I finally had my internal medicine appointment to clear me for my second knee replacement surgery in February. It was originally scheduled for Tuesday the 26th, but they called me an hour before that appointment to reschedule since the office had lost power.

Fortunately, they rescheduled it for Garden Grove rather than Irvine since that's a lot closer and I'm more familiar with the area. Unfortunately, the doctor didn't like what he saw on the EKG so he wouldn't clear me for the surgery. He referred me to the cardiology department for an echocardiogram and a holter test. Hopefully, I can get them done next week and they won't show any problems.

David decided to drive me to work this morning and pick me up at lunch time to go to Shakey's buffet and then to the doctor. I was at the doctor's office a lot longer than expected since he also requested bloodwork. I got back to work about 3:00 and David picked me up again at 5:00 and we went over to Janice's to play with Kyleigh.

Kyleigh really loves her grandpa and was very excited to see him. She kept giving both of us hugs. We played for awhile and then walked over to In 'n Out and Chick Filet to get dinner. In 'n Out gives the little kids sheets of stickers to play with while they're waiting. BTW, I have a very polite granddaughter. She almost always says "thank you" even without prompting and it's usually accompanied by a smile.

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