Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eye Exam

I went to the Kaiser optometrist this morning before going into work. They did several tests, but it was all pretty good news. There are only minor corrections (they're increasing the strength in the middle section of my trifocals) needed in my prescription and although I've been diagnosed with Occular Hypertension (high pressure in the eye), there is no sign of glaucoma at this point. I just need to do yearly visits to have a couple of tests done to keep on top of it. I do need to get new glasses, but I have to go somewhere that takes my vision insurance.

And believe it or not, I have another finish. These little letters are really quick to stitch, taking 2-3 hours each depending on the amount of detail. This is the letter J for Q4OC Mismatched Alphabet Part 2 SAL. This time I used a chart from The World of Cross Stitching ##140 - Strawberry ABC. I love the color of the ice cream!

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