Saturday, January 16, 2010

I do it!

I finished this breast cancer square for Stitching for a Cure first thing this morning so that I could get it in the mail today. Donna sent me the floss, the chart and the fabric. It was done on 28-count Lugana and required a lot of unstitching and restitching, but now it's done.

We met Janice and Kyleigh for breakfast and then Janice, Kyleigh and I took off the post office, the bank, Babies R Us and Toys R Us. After mailing some packages, getting money and making the necessary purchases at Babies R Us, we went over to Toys R Us to look for dishes to go with the kitchen that Kyleigh received from Santa Claus.

We didn't find what we were looking for, but Kyleigh did get a Dora microphone. She first heard someone else playing with one and started dancing to the music and pointing in the direction of the noise. Once she got one in her hands it was all over. She played with it constantly responding to Dora's questions and singing along.

Our next stop was Penneys because I needed to return a shirt I'd bought the week before (I don't do long sleeves). When I tried to take the Dora microphone from her, she started to cry so I turned it off and gave it back to her. She proceeded to stop crying and inspect it to see why it had stopped talking--and turned it back on. Then I did take it away because I didn't want her to play with it in the store.

When we were done with our shopping, Janice noticed that one of her tires was flat, so we called David to help her change it. When it came time to tighten the lugnuts, Kyleigh watched for a second, then bent down and put her hands on the wrench and said "I do it!". We took Kyleigh in our car while Janice went to get the tire fixed. On the way, David decided to meet her at the tire place in case she needed help.

While the tire was being changed we went to US Toy Company to look for dishes and we did find something that would work. Plus Kyleigh got a bottle for her baby doll. (This kid's not spoiled, is she?)

This evening I started stitching on my Year of Events design again. I finished January and started February.

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