Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa Came Early

Because Chad had to work Christmas Day and there were going to be a lot of people there, Chad decided they should open Kyleigh's presents on Christmas Eve. Chad's mom, David and I showed up to watch the proceedings.

Janice bought Kyleigh Christmas pajamas so she was dressed for the occasion. That's a Santa hat she's chewing on--she wouldn't let it stay on her head long enough to get a picture!

Kyleigh was fascinated by the ribbons on this package, but didn't mind posing for the camera.

Back in August, Janice had asked her father to see if he could find an Incrediblock on Ebay since she'd seen one in an old Fisher Price catalog. He found and purchased not only the Incrediblock, but also a train, shape sorter, giraffe, wagon and a set of alphabet blocks, all of which Kyleigh received for Christmas. Here she is, investigating the Incrediblock itself. You can see some of the rest of the presents in the background.

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