Sunday, December 14, 2008

Giving Tree & Ethnic Lizard

Today was the day all the gifts are turned in and are packaged up for each family. I helped man the turn in table both before and after the service. There's a lot of work to be done after the gifts are turned in, but they had more than enough helpers so I left around 1:30. After that, I did laundry, grocery shopping, desk work, etc.

Kyleigh was not a happy camper today. She was really fussy and only wanted Janice to hold her. Janice said she didn't sleep well last night so she thought she was just tired.

She has a new skill though--she can stand up with a toy in one hand while in the playpen. Of course, this means that periodically all of the toys have to be returned to the playpen. She's also now clapping and waving, although not really in response to anything.

Stitching: I finished the lizard for WOCS. This is intended as a boy's general square.

It's from The World of Cross Stitching Magazine, Issue #127. It's stitched as charted, except that I added the border and stitched it on tan aida instead of the called for white. The gold squares are light effects floss.

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