Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pumpkin and Soxie

In April, we brought home two kittens that we got from a friend of a friend of Janice's.  Janice took their brother who Kyleigh named Bobby (after Bob the Builder)  Ours were immediately named Pumpkin and Soxie, mostly because of their coloring.  We were told at the time that they were six weeks old and both males, but we later discovered they weren't quite that old and that Soxie was a female.  Of course that didn't make a difference to us.  The top picture was taken the day we brought them home.

I took the bottom picture this morning.  They are six months old now and still spend a lot of time together.  They're not allowed on tables and counters, but they love to curl up on top of things.  Right now, one just got removed from the table in my home office and the other is curled up on the shredder. 

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