Saturday, September 10, 2011

Angels Game Fun

Janice, Kyleigh, Bob (the holder of the season tickets) and I normally go to all the Friday night Angels games.  Janice wasn't able to make it tonight so Bob and I took Kyleigh to see the Angels play the Yankees by ourselves.  The pre-game ceremonies included a walk around the field by active military and their families.  There was also the flag ceremony where they unfurl a large flag on the field and a flyover by seven jets.  I didn't get any pictures because I was holding Kyleigh.

Bob normally keeps score, but not when Kyleigh's around.  Then he spends his time either entertaining or being entertained by her.  The picture above was taken at tonight's game.  He's responsible for the sweatshirt being on backwards.  BTW, Kyleigh doesn't spend much time watching the game

The pictures below were taken at last Friday night's game.  Bob purchased that monkey (purple is her favorite color) and later said it was the best $20 he ever spent.  They played "There's a monkey on your head", Hide the monkey", The monkey is mean", etc.


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