Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kyleigh spent the weekend

Janice was at a women's retreat with our church this weekend, so Kyleigh got to spend the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.  This is the first time she's ever spent the whole weekend.

Friday night we went to see the Angels play the Yankees.  It was a long game and we left before the fireworks, but got to see the fireworks from Disneyland on the way to the car. 

I was closing the back door after letting the cats in and managed to close my right thumb in the door.  The nail is now a beautiful blue/purple and I'm going to lose the nail.  It was painful the first few days, but isn't too bad today.

Saturday we woke up to thunder and rain showers so we had a very lazy type day.  David had promised to make pancakes, but first he fixed the knob on our bedroom door.  It's been sticking and hard to turn and I've been afraid of being either locked in or locked out, but I think he really did it because he asked Kyleigh to open the door and she couldn't get the knob to turn.  Late in the afternoon we went out and played in the backyard and Kyleigh found Janice's old wagon and filled it up and pulled it around the yard.  She also spent time lugging our cats around.

Side Note:  Have you ever realized after the fact that you should have taken a picture of something but missed the opportunity.  I did that a lot this weekend.

Sunday was church.  During the service a sheriff in uniform sang the song "Where were you when the world stopped turning?"  I'd never heard it before, but it's a beautiful song and there was also a slide show of 9/11 images to accompany it.  Here is a link to the lyrics if you're interested.

I took this picture of Kyleigh all dressed and ready to go and sent it to her mom.

We met Janice at Olive Garden for dinner since it's within walking distance of her condo (I had her car), David had a gift card and they had the neverending pasta bowl special.  Kyleigh wasn't happy about it, but she did go home with mommy.  And I have the next two days off work to recouperate.

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