Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Not the Cutest?

Back in August we accidentally ended up at a baby expo and entered Kyleigh in the cutest baby contest. She didn't win, but for entering, she received this mock magazine cover.

I had my week planned out as far as stitching goes, but it got off track fairly quickly. One of the members of FC had initiated a project to stitch cards for soldiers fighting in Afghanistan in another group and several persons had backed out at the last minute. She asked for help from FC members and I decided to stitch a couple. Since they need to be done quickly, I'm stitching them instead of the other projects I had planned. I finished the first one this afternoon.

This is a Quick-stitch motif from Enjoy Cross Stitch at Christmas #2. I left off the back stitching on the tree and used 1/4 stitches on the balls. I also used a dark red floss for backstitching them instead of the dark gray called for.

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