Monday, November 2, 2009

More Pictures

Janice and I went to look at preschools this morning. We saw two and both had their pluses and minuses. The first was along their commute, was a developmental program and the price wasn't much more than they're paying now. The downside was that it was in an older building and the playground needed updating.

The second location was in a newer building and seemed brighter and cleaner, but it was almost twice the price, was an academic program and I didn't like the way the teacher was yelling at the students and didn't really have control over them.

She also has a third option which we looked at early last month. This one was close to home and we really liked the looks of the classroom, but they can't take Kyleigh until September (or possibly in their summer program in June) and won't release their prices until January. Unfortunately, it will probably be more than they want to pay.

I suspect she'll end up at the first one we looked at yesterday, but they have several months to decide.

Janice sent me some more Halloween pictures this evening and I had a hard time choosing just one, so here are most of them.

I just love the smile on this one.

The full costume.
Ready to hand out candy:

Look what I got:

Trick or treating with the neighbors. That pumpkin was full of candy when they got home.

Janice is very artistic and creative and her pumpkins are always amazing. This year she took the easy way out and used a template.

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