Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I met Janice and Kyleigh at church this morning. For some reason, they started the service 15 minutes late and by that time Kyleigh was very restless. Since the nursery wasn't staffed, Janice stayed there with Kyleigh who apparently continued to be very rambunctious. Unfortunately, this meant that she missed most of the service.

After church, David made mashed potatoes and carrot and raisin salad (I helped!) and then we went to Chad's grandparents house for dinner. We had a very good meal and we always enjoy each other's company. And, this time we had a very active little one to keep us entertained.

She rode a ride on toy and posed for the camera.

She helped "load" the dishwasher.

She took a break for some milk and a "phone call". The phone is the remote control for the chair. Not the most ladylike position, though.

She sat on the dog.

And, of course had to give her a hug.

And, figured out how to work the remote and raise the chair.

She also turned a couple of somersaults, which none of us had seen her do before, but Janice told me later that she'd helped her do one a couple of days before.

Kyleigh came home with David and I so that Janice could do some Black Friday shopping starting with Toys R Us at midnight.

After she went to bed, I stitched and managed to finish the border on Halloween. I wasn't able to completely finish it because one of the buttons only had one hole in it, but David should be able to fix it tomorrow.

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