Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

Today is Chad's 28th birthday. Happy Birthday, Chad!

Kyleigh decided it was time to get up about 5:00, but after some cuddling and some milk, she and I both went back to sleep. Unfortunately, the phone woke us at 6:05 when Janice called to say she was in line at Target and that she'd spent three hours at Toys R Us, but she did get the things she'd wanted. She also stopped at Kohls before going to Target. Janice is very organized and plans her shopping ahead of time. I've never done the Black Friday thing, but she seems to enjoy it.

Since it was going to be a couple of hours before she was done, Kyleigh and I decided to take a walk. Unfortunately, she didn't want to take the stroller and the route I take is probably a little less than 1/2 mile. She did very well, though it did take longer than usual since she had to investigate the leaves and anything else she found on the ground. There's a bus bench at the halfway point so we spent a few minutes there to rest up for the next part of the walk.

We met Janice and Chad at Mimi's for breakfast and then they took her home with them.

David was able to fix the little white button so I finished up Halloween this afternoon. This is the final block in the Boo Club series from Lizzie Kate. It's stitched on 28 count Natural Lite Jobelan. I had to stitch it separately from the other blocks since for some reason the 14 x 31" piece of fabric I bought only measured 14 x 27". I had some more of the same fabric, so I went ahead and stitched it anyway and I'll figure out how to combine the two later.

Here is the completed piece, minus the Halloween block. The color is more like the picture below than the one above.