Saturday, August 15, 2009

Busy Saturday

Janice and Kyleigh met us for breakfast this morning at Norm's. Kyleigh really likes hot chocolate--I think she ate most of my whipped cream and between Janice and I about 1/2 cup of chocolate. She also liked Grandpa's pancakes with grape jelly. When she finished eating I held her for awhile and then let her down. Instead of going to Mommy, she went to an older man sitting at the table behind us and held out her hands to him. He held her for a few minutes and when he set her down, she went over to one of the waitresses and asked to be picked up. After that she went to an empty booth and crawled up on the seat (she really had to work at it) and sat up like a big girl.

I went with Janice and Kyleigh to swimming lessons. Kyleigh fussed from the time the instructor came to get her through most of the lesson. But even though she's fussy, she still does what the instructor asks her too and she is learning. Janice is going to try to change the time of the lesson because right now it's at 10:00 and that's nap time.

After that we went shopping, first to Target to find me some slippers and then to Babies R Us to buy three kinds of diapers and wipes. Then we headed for Sprouts, but decided to have lunch first.

Sprouts is in the Village and parking near the store is almost nonexistent, so we parked at the other end of the mall and walked. We investigated a craft tent and discovered that they were having the Parenting Magazine Parent and Child Exposition so we decided to check it out. We entered Kyleigh in the Cutest Baby Contest and they got some really good photos of her. She probably won't win, but we do get a mocked up magazine cover with her picture on it for entering.

We finally made it to Sprouts and while Janice went to get the car, I watched Kyleigh. She wanted out of the stroller so I leaned over her. I had a bandaid on my arm so she started to pull it off. I figured it had been on long enough so I let her take it off. She touched the bruise and then stuck out her tongue, wet her finger and proceeded to try to wipe the bruise off. Just like mommy does!

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