Monday, May 4, 2009

They want how much?

I went online and called to check prices at the Grand Californian for Mother's Day weekend since Janice and Chad are staying there courtesy of the Disney Vacation Club and even with my annual passholder discount the total price was $880 for two nights. I can't believe anyone would pay $383 a night to stay there--I guess there must be some other discount I don't know about! Needless to say, we won't be staying there this weekend.

I woke up kind of woozy, queasy and sweaty, but since I had a meeting scheduled, I did go into work (an hour late). Fortunately, I started to feel better, because I ended up having a second meeting scheduled for later in the afternoon. And there were several messages and quite a few emails waiting for my attention when I got back to my office at 4:45, plus the meetings provided some additional tasks. I'll definitely be busy tomorrow.

I started a new square for Q4OC. This is a dog square for the Stitcher's Challenge. It's a tan cocker spaniel type dog holding a leash in his mouth. This is the second square I've started for this, but it's going much better than the first one that I started last night. The first one was a white/ecru/tan dog in top hat and tie, but I didn't like the way the backstitching I'd done looked and I made a couple of mistakes I couldn't find. I'll cut the unused portion off and use it for a bookmark.

Here's another picture of Kyleigh's birthday party, courtesy of the same friend who gave me the cake one. She's definitely not a baby anymore!

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