Friday, May 1, 2009


It's Friday again! I can't believe another week is gone. And, it's May 1st and another month is gone too. This year is going too fast! Life, work, health, etc have been conspiring to keep me from blogging. I do have a bunch of pictures to post once I get them off my camera, but here's one a friend sent me from Kyleigh's first birthday doing what every one year old has to do at her party!

It's taken almost a week, but Kyleigh seems to have fully recovered from her bout with the stomach flu. She was feeling so bad that she just wanted to cuddle which she rarely does. She still needs to gain back a couple of pounds--Janice says she thinks she should put her back in the 12 months size for a couple of weeks.

I haven't stitched in about a week, but haven't done much else either. I pulled out the K Garden Fairy tonight that I've been stitching for Q4OC and ripped out the lower part of the K because I was using the wrong color. I'm almost 3/4 done, so hopefully I'll have a finish this weekend.

Q4OC also posted the newest SAL--mismatched ABC's and I've have access to A LOT of alphabets, so I'm hoping to stitch a bunch of letters.

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