Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Finally got the pictures

I went to see Janice and Kyleigh after work today. I was right, it was really busy and I needed a pint size hug. Kyleigh has learned to give good hugs and lots of them. She's also climbing on everything and she loves opening and closing doors! I stayed and had Chinese food for dinner with Janice and Chad after Kyleigh went to bed.

While I was gone, David finally downloaded the pictures from my camera. There weren't a whole lot of really good ones, but I should be able to find a few to share. This picture is also from her first birthday party. The ride on toy is one we got at a friend's garage sale--he gave it to me because it was in such bad shape. It was filthy and in pretty poor shape, but David had a lot of fun to put it back into workable condition. He made the handles on the back. The one shown is just one of several different sizes. Kyleigh'd had the train for a while, but this was the first time we'd actually seen her play with it.

I stitched some more on the puppy with the leash. It's now about 1/3 done and is a lot of fun to stitch.

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