Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pictures from Easter

On Easter, after the church service, which is held in the parking lot, there are two Easter egg hunts, one for kids in 1st grade and up and one for kindegarten and younger. We took Kyleigh to the second one. In this picture, she's waiting for the hunt to begin.

Wow, look at all those pretty things!

Can I get another one?

This one matches my dress!

Kyleigh picked up about 10 eggs, two at a time. When she had one for each hand, we'd assist her in putting them in her basket. Each time she picked one up, she'd shake it to see if it made noise.
She had even more fun with them when she got home. After her nap, Janice emptied the goodies and took her for another egg hunt on their lawn. She had a great time getting tangled in the basket, taking the eggs out and rolling them on the floor.

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