Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Kyleigh Day

Although I didn't have any plans for today, that changed about 7:50 this morning when the phone rang. Janice wanted to know if I wanted to "do something". The something she had in mind was shopping.

She and Kyleigh met David and I for breakfast at a little "hole in the wall" place we like. Although Kyleigh had already eaten, that didn't stop her from helping me eat my scrambled eggs, bacon and pancake. She also half climbed across the table to reach the eggs and hashbrowns grandpa was holding out to her. We did have to caution him to not put quite so much on the fork though.

Our first stop was South Coast Plaza where we checked out all of the children's stores, but only bought a small Hello Kitty Doll that rattled. Next we went to Staples where Janice bought some manila envelopes for an archery tournament she's working on and then to Jo Ann's where she bought a birth sampler to cross stitch for her nephew who's due in June and I got a couple of small ornament kits, some pink Aida and some fat 1/4's in red and green for backing some Christmas ornaments I'm finishing for WOCS.

While we were there, a lady overheard us talking about needing Christmas fabric and told us about a local quilt shop that had some on sale. We did check out the quilt shop, but first we had lunch at Panda Express and then went to Babies R Us to pick up some diapers. Kyleigh fell asleep on the way from Babies R Us to the quilt shop and managed to sleep through going into the shop. The fabric that was on sale wasn't exactly what I was looking for, so I didn't buy any. From there we went to Penney's (the one place I wanted to go) where I picked up a couple of bras and a pair of jeans while Kyleigh finished her nap.

Our last stop was at Wendy's to pick up lunch for grandpa. Of course, Kyleigh had to help make the square hamburger round so it fit in the bun. She's such a cutie!

While we were shopping, Grandpa was checking out garage sales and came home with some Lego Quatro blocks which are four times the size of duplo for little guess who and a Department 56 North Pole Gum Drop Factory for me.

After Janice and Kyleigh left, I took a nap and then stitched some more on the K Garden Fairy.

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