Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quiet Day

Since David had to be at the stadium all day and we only have one car, I stayed home and took it easy. I did a lot of catching up with blog posts, watching the Food Network and stitching.

I finished Buy More Stash and started Kit Stuff for Next Week, part of the Days of the Week Stitching Towels from a 2005 Cross Stitcher magazine for Let's Stitch. Instead of stitching them on individual towels, I'm doing them all on one piece of 16-count Aida, but I'm not sure of the color.

I also stitched quite a bit on Pooh! and hope to have another finish tomorrow!

Stitching: Buy More Stash; Kit Stuff for Next Week; Pooh!
Reading: Murder on K Street

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