Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Today was a very quiet day. We stayed up until midnight last night and received our annual phone call from a friend. This morning we got up late and watched the rose parade, but that's about all we did!

I did stitch and managed to finish this little guy (Cheer Bear's Cheerful Day). I've now stitched all eight of these. They were meant to be ornaments using 18-count Aida, but instead I stitched them on 14-count Aida which made them big enough for quilt squares. I'll be donating the whole set to WOCS later this month.

January Goals: I don't usually set goals, but I have so much I want to stitch right now, that I figured I better. All of these charts, kits, etc. come from my stash as I'm hoping to do some stash reduction instead of stash enhancement this year.

Finish Days of the Week Stitching Towels (Friday & Saturday)
Stitch August & September 2006 Kats by Kelly minis
Stitch first motif on MMIRR
Stitch Dragonfly for Rachel (Q4OC) - due 6/1/09
Stitch Cats and Gardening theme squares for Q4OC challenge - due 6/1/09
Stitch at least one more card for WOCS ACH card challenge - due 3/31/09
Stitch at least five small kits from bucket
Start square for Bronwyn's Oriental quilt (Q4OC) - due 3/31/09
Finish knitting pink/blue varigated blanket

The Days of the Week Stitching Towels & Kats by Kelly minis are for the Let's Stitch Friday night SATs. The kits in the bucket are small NMI kits with frames that take just a few hours to stitch. I've picked out 16 that were loose that I'd like to stitch by the end of March.

Stitching: Cheer Bear - Cheerful Day (finished); Pooh
Reading: Fleece Navidad; Murder on K Street

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