Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Quilt Delivered

I recently had the privilege of stitching squares for a quilt for a special online friend. Jeneen was going through a rough time and since she does so much for others, it was a pleasure to stitch something for her. I stitched two squares. Since the quilt has now been delivered, I can show the squares I stitched. The first is a Margaret Sherry design from the UK Cross Stitcher magazine. I stitched one of a group of coffee mugs with kittens in them. I substituted DMC variations for the red flosses.

The second one is Cat-o-Lantern from I think, Bent Creek, but I'm not sure. I switched out all the flosses since it was supposed to be stitched with either GAST or Weeks and I didn't really like the colors.
After work tonight, we met Janice and Kyleigh for dinner at Olive Garden. David was hoping for their never-ending pasta bowl, but unfortunately it was a special that had been discontinued. Kyleigh ate supper (rice cereal and apples) while we were waiting for ours.
After supper,

David and I voted on the way home. We only had to wait a few minutes for an open booth. The funny thing was when we got there, there were three voting booths and each had two persons in it--I thought it was one person per booth!

Stitching: I finished the drum finally and started on the guitar. My placement didn't work, because the guitar would have run into the leg of the drumset (which was so light I couldn't see it). So, I moved the guitar up a few rows and I'll shorten the music portion and move it over. I just realized that the lines don't match up with the squares, so I'm going to modify that as well.

While I was stitching, I had to dig the scissors out from under the cat who was sitting beside me. I also reached over her to retrieve the remote control which she'd knocked off the seat. At that point, she decided to attack me with one claw, straight to the face. She made contact in four places, but it could have been a lot worse. They bled a little and today they're hardly noticeable.