Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

One of my goals this year is to blog more often, which shouldn't be too hard since I've been a very sporadic blogger in the past.  Part of my problem is that when I have stuff to post I don't have time and when I have time, I don't have anything to post.  But, I'm going to try to do better starting today.

Yesterday we had Kyleigh because her mom had to work so we took her to Downtown Disney.  We had two objectives: 1) to fill a box that we got as a freebie in December with Legos and 2) To stuff the bunny Kyleigh got for Christmas.  We accomplished both.

At the Lego store, we were greeted by one of the Friends (Girl Legos according to Kyleigh).  Kyleigh wanted her picture taken and by the time I had the camera ready, David was in the picture, too.

David spent almost 40 minutes stuffing his box and since he's an engineer, he built a structure that fit the box perfectly.  While he was doing that, Kyleigh and I looked around at all the displays and built race cars and raced them.

Our next stop was Build-a-Bear to stuff her bunny, get an outfit for it and get it's birth certificate.  Here she is with the bunny and the certificate, declaring that the bunny's name is Clover like the bunny in Sofia the First.

When we got home, David got out several containers of Duplo and he and Kyleigh had fun.  They started building a garage, but their ultimate goal became to see how tall a tower they could build.

Kyleigh got to go home at 3:30, but she and Janice met us later for dinner.  We did stay up until midnight, but only because a friend of ours calls every New Year at midnight.  He's decided that he'll call us at 9:00 next year.

What am I stitching?  This little cutie is called Bear Hugs and he's being stitched for Q4OC.  He'll eventually be added to a raffle quilt for the Montana Hope Project. Hopefully, I can finish him up this week.

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