Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Exchange has been received

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I participated in the Christmas Exchange in the Shared_Crosses Yahoo Group. 

Sue let me know that she received my exchange today and sent me a very nice thank you saying she loved everything I sent and was pleased that I'd picked things specifically for her.  (Isn't that what you're supposed to do?)  I changed my mind several times, but here's what I finally sent her.

First, because this was a  Christmas Exchange, a Christmas card.  This was the free kit from Cross Stitch Crazy #170.  It came with the card stock, bow, Aida and floss, but I didn't like the floss in the kit so I exchanged it for DMC from my stash.

Second, because this was a Christmas Exchange and because she likes Valerie Pfeiffer's chickadees, I stitched this robin ornament, the free kit from the UK Cross Stitcher #258.  Again it came with pre-cut felt for the front and back, the Aida, floss and ribbon.  It's backed with white paper between the Aida and the felt so that the red doean't show through.

Since Sue collects pigs, I couldn't resist stitching her this pig from the UK Cross Stitcher #238.  It's stitched on white perforated plastic and I changed all the colors and added the french knot for the eye.  It was originally done in primary colors (yellow, green, blue, red and pink) but I liked these better.  There's a magnet on the back.
And because she collects pigs, I purchased this little guy from a crafter friend of mine.  It's a Magic Pig Wand that will remove calories from food (wave it once over the food or twice for chocolate or desserts)

And finally (no individual picture) because she loves chocolate, I sent her four Hershey's nuggets, wrapped, packaged and tied with a bow.  My daughter makes these and gave me one when I mentioned wanting to buy chocolate for Sue.

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~ Sue ~ said...

And SUE loves it all! Thank you again so very, very much!