Friday, January 4, 2013

Birthday Surprise

My birthday is Sunday and I had a coupon for a free entree at Famous Dave's Barbecue Restaurant.  Kyleigh's been wanting to go there, because on Friday's during the Spring and Summer, a man would be there on Friday making balloon animals so we decided to go there tonight.  Unfortunately, the balloon man doesn't go there anymore, but we had fun anyway.

We'd finished eating and I saw them bring another table a huge sundae with a sparkler candle on top.  I mentioned it to Janice and she said I was getting one too because the waitress had said that's why she was clearing the plates away.

It came with four spoons and we actually managed to demolish it all.  Ours did have the sparkler too, but Kyleigh had blown it out before Janice managed to take a picture.  I guess the coupon I had wasn't only good for a free entree, but a free sundae as well (and it was good!)   You can tell Kyleigh enjoyed it!

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Faith... said...

Looks like the sundae was good to the last lick! :)

Happy Birthday!