Sunday, December 2, 2012

Janice's Wreath and a Finish

When I checked Janice's Facebook page this evening, I found this picture.

She'd purchased all of the materials at Hobby Lobby last month, but needed a metal hanger to form the frame so I gave her one of ours Saturday morning.

I've been stitching too.  Most of what I've finished recently, I can't post because it's for an exchange, but I did finish Grandma tonight. (I finished Red Riding Hood last month and the wolf is in progress.)

These are from the UK Cross Stitcher Magazine #258 and were originally supposed to be finger puppets made using waste canvas on felt.  One of the notes about the project suggested stitching them on plastic canvas and attaching a lollypop stick to the back so that's what I'm doing.

In order to make them work on plastic, I had to modify some of the stitching and a lot of the back stitching, but I think they came out pretty good. 

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