Friday, June 8, 2012

The Frogs Have Come for a Visit

I've been stitching on the January Cottage from Country Cottage Needleworks for the past few days and have been really enjoying it.  I surpassed my goal for this rotation of finishing the house, the letters and the top border and decided to keep going and try to finish it completely. 

Unfortunately, I made a big mistake last night and now need to rip out (frog) the tree, one snowflake and leaves at the bottom and part of the snow, since I didn't discover the mistake until tonight when I stitched the second set of leaves and wondered why I had four stitches between them and the next snowflake and not two.  Fortunately, I lined two snowflakes up with the snowman and the window so they can stay.

The problem?  I lined up the top lefthand stitch of the tree with the snowflake instead of lining up the top righthand stitch so I'm off by two stitches which is throwing the border off and I don't think there's a way to fudge it because the bottom border is the same as the top border, only upside down.

So, I decided to set this aside for now and move on to the next project in my rotation.  This is Snow White Discovers the Cottage from the Disney Dreams Collection, the vignette version that's only 5" x 7" and is done on 16-count Aida instead of 18-count Aida.

I forgot that I hadn't taken a picture of it when I stopped stitching last time and stitched the light tan of the tree before I remembered.  The scanner would only give me a black and white scan and I didn't feel like fighting it so this is with my camera.  The colors are really brighter than this.

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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Anyone for frog legs? LOL! That is what we say around here when that happens.