Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Busy Saturday

Janice does the audio/visual for the Women's Retreat for our church and she had a brunch planning meeting this morning for this year's conference so Kyleigh spent the night at our house.  I went into our bedroom to finish gathering her things and this is what I found on the bed.   These two are Pumpkin and Soxie and they love containers of any kind.

I've started sewing again and I even bought myself a new sewing machine.  My old one was purchased in 1972 and didn't do things like automatically thread the needle, sew on buttons, etc.  So far, I've made Kyleigh a blouse which I forgot to take a picture of and a dress.  The dress has silly band type animals all over it.  I picked out the fabric, but she picked out the pattern and the buttons.  She was playing in the backyard when I went to take a picture so this is what I got.  I have a second dress in process, but I tried the top part on her today and the head hole is almost too small.  Fortunately, there is more than emough extra width for me to cut it down the center of the back and insert a zipper.

Once Janice got back from her meeting, we drove down to the new Hobby Lobby in Laguna Niguel which opened a couple of days ago.  Kyleigh managed to fall asleep about two minutes before we arrived so we put her in her stroller and she slept the entire time we were there.

Janice brought supplies for several projects including stuff for more "baseball bracelets" which I showed you yesterday.  She had a 40% off coupon and spent almost $40, but her most expensive item was only $4.47 so it didn't help a whole lot. 

I only bought three items and one was 40% off.   I bought a magnetic seam guide for my sewing machine and the two charts shown below.  I now have the whole set of these Disney Dreams Collection Vignette charts (the 5 x 7 ones) and I have four of them in progress, two of which  (Snow White and Bambi) are currently in my rotation.