Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Night at an Angels Game

I know it's been a very long time since I've blogged, but I've decided that one of my goals for June is to blog more frequently.

Janice, Kyleigh, Bob (the provider of the tickets) and I went to the Angels game tonight.  Kyleigh carries a backpack with a blanket, a large purple rally monkey, her Angels sweatshirt and a knit cap that looks like a monkey head.  Tonight she decided to turn the backpack into a drum as demonstrated below.

On Friday nights, they put on a concert prior to the game.  Tonight it was the 6 Hour Band and this is the stage where the concert takes place.  The band was taking a break, but they're broadcast live on the scoreboard during the concert and at one point,  I watched the camera pan the audience.  Kyleigh had abandoned the "drum", but was jumping around and dancing.  When we got up to our seats, one of the ushers told me he'd seen her on the scoreboard. 

During the game, Kyleigh and Bob entertain each other by playing with the monkey, a hat or anything else that strikes their fancy and I usually cross stitch, because if I don't do something in addition to watching the game, I get bored and want to leave.

Janice usually watches the game, but tonight, she brought something along to work on.  This is a bracelet made out of a baseball.  She did the blanket stitch around the outside during the game.  She's planning to give this one to Super Halo Woman who is a friend of Bob's.

This is another bracelet that she made, also from a baseball.  She's made several in Mommy size and Kyleigh size and has had several requests for them.

Finally, this is my cross stitch project.  It's French Country Cat by JBW.  This is the result of stitching at two Angels' games.  I'm using DMC 501 on white Aida and it will be going to WOCS for a quilt made up of variuos French Country Animals, all in the same shade of floss.

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